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    Good afternoon, I recently developed a php file which now links to my MySQL database (finally pulling the data successfully). The php file refreshes every 5 seconds. We have a youth league and I am looking to make the webpage more exciting. I am just a beginner (finance person not a web person) so not sure where to go from here. I read about php and html5 and MySQL but have not been able to find how to get started on formatting.

    The table of data is below but looking to format like the score board or insert data into the scoreboard picture (making sure it refreshes automatically every 5 seconds for the kids viewing)

    Any help would be appreciated


    Web link

    My beginner code:
    header(“Refresh: 5; URL=$url1”);
    $results = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM Games WHERE Id LIKE ‘%$_GET[term]%'”);
    echo “<table border=’1′ style=’background-color:#cecece;’ align=’center’>
    <th>Game #</th>
    <th>Age Group</th>
    <th>Home Team</th>
    <th>Home Score</th>
    <th>Away Team</th>
    <th>Away Score</th>
    while($ser = mysql_fetch_array($results)) {
    echo “<tr>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[Id]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[Gender]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[AgeGroup]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[HomeTeam]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[HomeScore]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[AwayTeam]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[AwayScore]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[Quarter]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[Date]</th>”;
    echo “<th>$ser[Location]</th>”;

      echo "&lt;/tr&gt;";

    <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=windows-1252″>
    <title>What is the score</title>
    <body bgcolor=”#000000″>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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