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    I am working with a company that I pay a few hundred dollars to each month for their hosted solution. One of the websites is

    You’ll notice on the bottom right that there is a “Powered By” in the footer. I’ve asked them if that could be removed because I felt that for $300 a month that I pay them for this service, that also advertising them to every customer was not only unfair, but also confusing to my customers.

    They told me that for another $50 a month, they could hide that footer. I’ve got to believe that CSS could do that for me for free. And since their tool allows for a CSS entry, I’ve been trying with Firebug to figure out how to hide it, but I can’t figure it out. Can anyone take a look and provide some guidance?


    You could try but I suspect that this is added after loading by JS…and wouldn’t be affected by CSS easily…that’s why it’s there.

    It’s not for us to help you get around an agreement you made….


    It’s an awkward situation because it sounds like the back-link to them is part of your agreement to use their services, so regardless of your beliefs or wishes, it would be wrong for us to help you circumvent their efforts.

    It is their right to advertise and you did agree to the arrangement at some point. If you don’t want the back-link, you should pay the fee to remove it, or alternatively move to a different web host.

    You can potentially do more harm than good if you tried to hide the link against their terms… they might just pull the plug on your whole website (deleting all content from their servers), hang on to any pre-paid fees, and ban you without notice!

    Tyler McNew
    .pull-sm-right.sub-footer-text {
        display: none;
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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