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    Yep noob at this though not… completely an idiot? Or am I. This should be an easy one. I am planning to use
    So far so good & the author on that site says essentially view source & crib that. That I can do however, he then mentions importantly that one should, "…put the CSS into a separate file." My question -& bear with me because to you all it is likely obvious- where is the css? Or am I looking at it as comments in the html when I "View Page Source" via browser? this may be a case of snake it woulda bit me. So… IF that is the css right there in the html comments I simply need to cut & paste *some portion* of the code into a new file which I then can name, "hereisthecss.css". Would you mind looking at eh source of ye Olde Grail & please let me know if, sure enough, the css is there? Any ideas which lines I will need to c&p? Any help would be much appreciated I am new here & this seems like a great forum!

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    nevermind that worked. Or… oops my bad. Here is to the power of futzin’ around!

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