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    Hi there, I begun to use the html5/css3 to get used to them, my question is: I’m trying to use the opacity:0.5 to get a translucency background for the main content, but when I put a white text in it, the color of the text changes, why is this happening and how can I fix it (if possible).


    Andy Howells

    Is the text becoming transparent as well? Is that what you mean by colour change?


    that’s what I meant andy, and Senff thnks so much, worked perfectly.


    As well remember not all web browsers that people use are html5/css3 compatible. So certain people wont be able to see the tricks you’ve put into the website.

    Bryan Luce
    Houston Web Design and Development – W3trends, Inc.


    You can also repeat a 1×1 pixel transparent PNG as a background image. Just another thought. Granted it’s not CSS3 though.


    thanks for the advice bluce, i’m just playing around with it ^^
    tmette, I already knew the 1×1 pixel to do it, but thnks anyway o


    one more question, is it possible to put multiple backgrounds mixing
    background: #1c1c1c -webkit-radial-gradient(circle, #434343, #1c1c1c) no-repeat;
    background-image: url(/imagem/bg.jpg) top center no-repeat; ?


    you mean do something like this?

    background: #1c1c1c -webkit-radial-gradient(circle, #434343, #1c1c1c) no-repeat,
    url(/imagem/bg.jpg) top center no-repeat;

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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