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    Im new to using JS, and what im trying to do, is make a twitter spy like this
    but using the last new twitter posts using JSON API. i got a tutorial from there and i replaced the new.php in the javascript with a mytweets.php which is the page that loads the recents tweets, and im trying to make it cycle threw them and fade in and out but its not working. It was working when i had static DIVs to test it, but once i replaced that with the code to retrieve my twitter posts, its just blank, but when i goto mytweets.php manually, it shows 1 tweet when it should show the last 5. Can anyone help? This is the page that has the Spy script

    here is the code:

    Code: … tweets.php This is the page which loads my tweets

    Here is the code


    If anyone can help me soon i would love it, only done a few things with jquery, and this is for a clients page. Thank You.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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