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    I need a expert comments on these XHTML 1.0 Strict element. should be use or not ? and how to use semantically?

      address or microformat[/list:u]
      b or strong[/list:u]
      big or span class=big[/list:u]
      blockquote or q[/list:u]
      br [/list:u]
      i or em[/list:u]
      small or span class=small[/list:u]
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    Semantics is all about the intended meaning of the content you’re wishing to mark up. It has nothing to do with style. big is a visual attribute, therefore it’s a style, so has no place in your html. <b> is also style, so should not be used. If your wish to emphasise a portion of text, you will wrap it in <em> if you wish to strongly emphasise text, you’ll wrap it in <strong>. The best thing you can do is read the intended uses of those tag’s that you’re unsure about at W3Cschools is a good place to start.
    Using Microformats is a matter of personal choice and one which I advocate, but the alternative is not <address>. As I mentioned in another post, the <address> element in HTML is NOT for marking up your street address in a contact section.

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    box see this article once for <address>

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