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    Hi all,

    Take a look at my website:

    Something I put together to make a buck. What do you think? Will people be interested to scroll down and maybe click on some ads..?
    Best viewed in chrome.


    (Oh, and don’t mind the footer. Its from the original template)


    It’s a nice project but I’m afraid it’s never going to make money. People who want to watch videos will just go to youtube. Google invest thousands if not millions on youtube to ensure it’s perfect in every way (i’m not saying that it is perfect), and 1 person doing a project in their personal time is not going defer people to their site rather than youtube.

    Again – It’s a nice project but it’s just a project at that – If your lucky you might just get your ‘buck’ at most.


    Hi @ChrisBull
    I have been working on this for about two weeks now and I think I need one more week to tidy it up (compress,gzip,putting ads etc.) So I’m not expecting to make huge amount of money. I would be happy if I would get at least enough money for the three weeks (part-time) I have worked on it. Maybe later on I can also sell it.

    Thanks for your honest feedback.
    If you say It’s a nice project without mentioning any flaws in the design..It means I have accomplished what I was aiming for:) The only thing I’m worried about now is the loading time…


    Flaws in the design? Nothing major, it’s nice.
    Not to sure why this is after every post though….

    “Installing WordPress and upgrading from previous versions and other software is a piece of cake. Try it and you’ll wonder why all web software isn’t this easy.
    Read more”

    And you’ve only got a slight inconsistency in browser support in that in ie7 and below the video moves over some of the text below. But who still uses ie6 or 7 anyway.


    The piece of text you are referring to is part of the original template. I’m keeping that space so that I can put google text-ads in there. I think it will blend in really nice.

    As for browser support I’m only testing in IE8. Like you insinuated, IE6,7 are not worth the effort (not for this project anyway)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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