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    I’ve been working on this site for a local Thrill The World event, and up until about 5 minutes ago, I had just five links in my navbar, 180px wide each. I also made my sidebar 180px wide and lined it up to the right side of my navbar. Well, I just added a sixth link to the navbar, making the width of each link 150px, and leaving me unsure of which way to go with my sidebar. I’m looking for an opinion, should I make the sidebar only 150px, expand it to 300px, or leave it at 180px? here’s the site:

    EDIT: There’s 30px between the start of the sidebar and the end of the link it starts under, there’s also 30px between the navbar and the top of the main content, and there’s also 30px between the content and the sidebar, if it makes any difference.

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    I’m not an expert on the whole grid layout, but nothing about the current size bothered me. I didn’t look at it and get that "something’s off" feeling that you get when you hear a bad note played or see a weird layout decision. I definitely think 150px is just too short for what you’ve got there – that alone would bother me more than the 180px it currently is.

    I’d try 300px, see how it looks. If it looks weird because it’s so huge, then it if were me, I’d stick with the 180px.

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    I broke out firebug earlier today and tried it all the different ways, and the 300 was way too big for my taste. I’m likely going to stick with the 180px because, as you said, the 150px just felt too small for what’s over there.

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    what is going to be in the sidebar????? that is what your first thought should be, if it is only going to be what you have, then I would widen it only by about 20-50 px

    if more content, then test with the content, before deciding, that will be the decider for you

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    Where is the problem?

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