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    I’ve been tasked at my job to come up with an ad bar that floats on a page and when the user comes to the page and clicks this bar a full page ad animates over the existing page. I have little to no experience with this sort of project. i’m more of a designer at work but I’m being pushed into a programming role now as well.

    Can someone give me an idea of how might be the best way to go about this task? i was thinking javascript and action script.

    if someone could point me to a file for sale or even a tutorial on part of this process it would be much appreciated. I know the project as a whole is kind of a monster.


    Ok, so I’ve looked around and the easiest way I see to do this might be jquery.
    Anyone have any input? I would really appreciate it.


    Depending on how "over" "over the existing page" is. You might wanna use a lightbox technique.

    A very lightweight and crap-less lightbox (is: a module dialog that opens over the page, darkening (or even blurring) the exising page below it) … is shadowbox.

    Read more at:
    -> on download you can choose what you want.

    ie. if you just wanna use it for an image, and already use jQuery then:
    > build
    > custom build (adapter: jQuery; player: img; lang: english; untick Shizle.js)
    > zip
    And you’ve got a small pack just for that what you need.

    If you need any further help implementing it, check usage-page and then ask here.



    Thanks for the reply. Check out this link this is the look that I need to go for: … anel.shtml
    The tabbed drop down.

    So What I need is that to pop up and hopefully I can get a full page flash page in there that needs to expand the length of the page because its going to be from an advertizer and there will be some flash slide shows and ads in there that are being tracked by so this all has to come together somehow lol by tomorrow night.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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