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  • # March 3, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Hey … I’m new to the board. I’ve been reading the site for years, though, so I don’t feel all that new.

    I’ll make this quick. I have a client which is soon launching a site for a restaurant which will have some pages (videos, podcasts) restricted to members-only. (Don’t worry … this is no adult-oriented site … I just can’t throw out the name until it launches)

    The client is using EC Suite for payment processing and potentially for user management. I need a WordPress Dev guru to help me get some technical stuff done with EC Suite to integrate user management on their end or my end within WordPress.

    If you are completely awesome at WordPress and are a programming genius, and are looking to make consulting/dev money, please reply and I’ll get in touch with you. Please! I’m dealing with a March launch, and this is a technical hurdle, for real.

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