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    Hello guys,

    I created a jQuery responsive slider long ago and saved it on codepen. Recently I noticed that it works fine on codepen but if I use it on a website, the image container loads with 15-16 px less height than expected. The container is supposed to take the height of the image in the slider. (There are few logical mistakes thought but it serves the purpose).

    When you resize the browser window or open code inspector or firebug, the image container promptly jumps and takes up the proper height and no problem thereafter unless you refresh. What can be the problem?

    I used this slider on this website and noticed the problem first.

    There is one more problem, not mandatory yet love to share. I can’t figure out the logic to solve it. It’s an auto slider but you can press nex or prev to change images manually.

    The problem is, when I click on any of the buttons, the interval time (5 seconds) is not counted from the time I changed the image manually rather it calculates the auto sliding time interval. So, if you click on any button after 4 seconds, the next image will slide in after 1 second. So you will see two image changes in 5 seconds. Any idea???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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