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    Hi my name is Mike. Im trying to learn how to build a custom cms site in wordpress and so far the only roadblock ive hit is trying to find a good photo gallery plugin. right now im using simpleviewer, which is ok, but it has a big simpleviewer stamp on the bottom covering the thumbnails. can anyone recommend a good photo plugin that functions similarly and would be easy to update by a client? most of the photo gallery plugins ive seen is either bulky and not very customizable, or doesnt display the thumbnails and the photo at the same time.

    the testsite is on my server here:

    ps – that design isnt mine, im trying to reproduce the original site for practice

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    Although I’ve used a couple of them, I’ve never been satisfied. Although this is a great forum, I would recommend running that question by the actual WordPress Plugin Forum:

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    A photo gallery with multi-point-of-view experience A 360° degree view of your photos. Good for enriching your website content and its free.

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