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    Guys last question on this I promise!

    Im trying to get a white margin to the left and right of my nav bar so it is in line with the rest of the page, however if i alter the margin

    1.) it doesnt go in the correct direction 2.) the space in the margin is the colour of the body (grey) instead of Wrapper (white)

    Please help so i can move on from this Nav Bar (driving me mad)

    Code pen:



    Based on what you have already you would need to change the width of the list items.


    I gave you better and efficient markup to your nav bar in another thread but you didn’t bother to even look at it.
    [Here it is again…]( “”)



    First of all your comments in the previous forum where all read an appreciated, however their was no reply to the question stated above (hence the re-post.

    Secondly the infomation you have listed above, as generous as it is AGAIN ignores the actual question being asked.

    Please note that i do appreciate your time and input, however i do not appreciate you being rude or blunt, while also making acquisitions which are not very accurate. So please in future unless you plan to return the manners i have used in my forum, keep your information to yourself, as my name suggest’s, i’m “looking to learn”, Not looking to be spoken to like an adolescent child.

    Enjoy your evening



    Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of, with respect, poor markup and layout that adjusting everything could take some time.

    To compensate for this you have used specific margins in many places.

    I can only suggest that you review some of the basics and re-factor your HTML & CSS code.


    Thanks, i will take a look!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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