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    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I have been on here, however I finally hit a bit of a wall here as to what may be causing my problem.

    The Context: I have a fairly large store running WordPress/WooCommerce which has around 56 different products offered in a wide range of sizes/colors with a variety of additional add-on options. Last I checked, we had something like 1200 possible combinations of the product variations available… and each has an image associated with it! (I’d prefer to not disclose the site right now, and am looking for more of a particular area to focus on as opposed to a step by step solution.)

    Until recent, the sidebar filter had been working just fine. Clicking on a particular size or color would bring up all possible products which are offered with such specifications.

    The problem: We had a new product added to the store a week ago. And what we ended up doing to speed things up was duplicate a different product template that had similar attribute specifications and then modifying it accordingly. Perhaps likening this to a particular product would help…

    Let’s say I am selling shoes, and we take nike running shoes offered in several colors/sizes for the template. I duplicate this template and then change it accordingly to make products for the Adidas running shoes in several colors/sizes. I only have to change the color attributes however, because the number of different sizes offered is the same across these two particular products by chance.

    When I look on the front-end for the new Adidas shoes, everything is showing up properly. Customers can checkout these items, view the images for any possible color/size combination. It’s all perfect.

    However there is one small annoying little issue I am having… the filter for this new product is not working properly. While on the Adidas category page, the color attribute is showing up for the filter widget, yet the size is NOT.

    I have checked all things that you would think to be the usual culprit: the layered nav filter widget, attribute assignments, category parent/child dynamics, even considered that maybe by copying the template for a different product had caused a MySQL bug whereupon somehow the attribute was being copied from the old product instead. I’ve ensured that we max product variations limit is high enough, that the dedicated server we use is specifying enough space for all of the product variations. But still nothing.

    I just cannot figure out why one attribute shows up in the filter yet the other does not when on the Adidas category page! If anyone has previously had this issue or can suggest something for me to focus in on, it would be greatly appreciated! A snow storm is just hitting Maryland as I write this, so it should be a cozy weekend!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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