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    Having a repeatable issue with the mobile menu of a site I’m devving:

    In mobile, when you open a tertiary menu, and then close it, an extra bottom margin is showing up. I’ve put in clears and tried removing what ever else could be causing this, but with little luck . Help?


    After playing with it for a little bit, I think I have at least narrowed it down a little bit. It seems to only happen on the last tertiary menu item of each section, and only if that menu item is expandable. All others are fine. I was playing with the box-sizing attribute in the inspector, and toggling that off/on seemed to get rid of that margin, but I couldn’t find anything concrete. Hopefully this points you in the right direction.

    Box sizing has nothing to do with it. Toggling just about any attribute in the inspector fixes the issue until the next time you toggle the tertiary menu. sorry =\

    Amongst my playing, I also noticed that your arrows on the slideshow widget on the desktop mode overlaps your entire header section when it is scrolled down the page. That’s a simple z-index issue, just make sure the z-index of your navbar is higher than that of the arrows for the slideshow widget (which are 9999, by the way)


    yeah, I think I already fixed that with the arrows. I’ll look again. But yeah, was about to say the toggling things happened to me too.


    Has this been fixed? Can’t seem to reproduce it.


    Still happening. I’ve added an :after object to the child UL to see if that fixes it. No joy :(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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