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    I thought this was solved but the mysterious 3rd column is back in my table. Although it isn’t showing when viewed with a browser as it had before, it shows in Dreamweaver design mode and is even back in the version previously fixed when viewed in Dreamweaver design mode. I’ve played around with the table coding in the head and body but nothing changes. These “phantom results” while designing can really confuse. A fix or an answer as to why this is occurring would be greatly appreciated. I’ve come to realize Dreamweaver is chock full of issues and if I knew of a program that truly shows what is being created while in design mode, I’d dump Dreamweaver it in a minute. This isn’t the first time what is showing in design mode isn’t what is displayed on the browser. The main page designed for the site I’m working on looks like a disorganized mess when viewed in Dreamweaver. That said, I’m still not sure if I’ve something goofy in the CSS causing it and it just happens to not show on a browser.

    I played around with the code quite a bit trying to learn how it works, so it’s very likely I’ve messed something up.


    DW is terrible at ‘live/design view’.

    One should always design ‘in browser`. No-one will ever see the DW live view once the site is live so I have always ignored. it.


    Thank you Paulie.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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