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    What do you think?


    Hmm, your links are black, Post titles are black , everything is black.

    You need to get some contrast involved, make your post titles stand out, make your links move visible and perhaps give a different background for the posts and the sidebar. Make use of free icons, or create you’re own for things like your twitter widget, give it a bit more life.

    I know your only 13, but if your going to have a portfolio to show and impress potental employers, other designers, etc you should keep it professional.

    (i.e. Keep your unsuitable youtube videos some where else for your friends to see, such as bebo, facebook etc)

    Good effort though, things will progress.


    Thanks for the replies. I have taken some of the advice into consideration.


    I think the grey and black works pretty well to be honest. For a 13 year old, you’re pretty good at this. Well, you’re doing better than I am and I’m 27 (although I’ve only been doing this for about 3 months).

    From a design point of view, you should look at getting a little more colour into the site and maybe a few graphics to really make it pop.


    Heh, I used a dark gray (#333) for the background even though it does look gray. I know it needs graphics but I don’t really have that creative touch, yet.


    Thanks everyone. Made some colors changes (yet again…)


    Updated the theme so it looks cooler


    :P Might agree with that in 5 years… We’ll see. Got some new plugins. Can you help me and anyone who has a Mac, download the iPhone SDK and take a screen shot so I can see what my site looks like because I have a new plugin that give my site a new look in iPhone type enviroment! Thanks!


    Changed mu design and made it way more minimal. Tried to make load time better


    Give the kid a break, I actually think it’s quite good! A bit stark maybe but the black & white thing does work.


    Thanks. I made my own wordpress theme like the one I use now:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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