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    Hello everyone, sorry if it is the wrong place to post.
    new here.

    Anyways, I am a beginner and just managed to design a new site
    today. I would like to receive opinions on what it needs, errors
    and any comments that would help me further improve myself.

    I hosted it on a free host 000webhost.
    The address is

    Please remember that this is a test website.

    Thanking you.


    Hey rahules, first of all, it looks like you’re using a template. Is that right? Doesn’t look like you actually physically coded much of it, but, if you did, here’s a few pointers:
    1) Stop using tables!
    2) Your footer is above some content, you should use divs and overflow: hidden or a clear fix to help with this.
    3) Design is very “2000”. If you aren’t big on the design side of things, check out for inspiration, or check out the envato marketplace to buy psd website templates with good design.

    -All good things-


    thanks for the reply,
    i have not used tables in the design,
    and i did code it myself.
    i will look for a better design,
    thanks again


    I think the main problem is that your layout is very “boxy”. Really, you don’t have to be putting borders and shadows around everything. (That’s actually what makes it look like you’re using tables)

    It’s nice that you’re experimenting with CSS3 and animations, but I think you should start by getting your design in good shape first. Then add effects afterwards.

    BTW, you don’t have to be wrapping your H2 tags in a paragraph :)


    can u give me an insight on how a good design should be.
    im really getting started in this.
    thanks for the reply :)


    why is it that this website simply will not load for me, I’ve tried more than 12 times :/


    i dont know…works fine for me…


    Right, well, Going on what from Inique said.. Too boxy, It looks like Website Design from the 90s. :/

    It’s kind of hard to show you what a good design should look like, because, its art, we can show you some good designs, but you have to make your own. Thats the whole idea.

    Search the internet for good website design techniques, look at the trends, the techniques to doing things, see what you like, and try to make a draft of your website first, For example, I tend to design my websites in Photoshop first so I know what i want it to look like.

    Hope I helped.


    Suggest looking at a few showcase type sites like CSSMania and take a look at the different styles and use developer tools for your browser (like firebug on firefox) to view the code to see how a particular site works.

    I notice from your site you say you’re a programmer. You should be able to come up with good HTML/CSS code as you play around more but you need to see the design trends and decide what sort of style you want for yourself. I’m a fairly minimal sort of guy and this is reflected on my own blog which I’m in the process of setting up.

    From a technical standpoint, the code looks decent for an early effort. We’ve all seen comedians who fire up dreamweaver and start pumping out awful table based template nonsense that belongs in the 1990s. I actually saw a site using MARQUEE the other day for the first time in years. Don’t go this path. If you’re learning at the moment I’d suggest you go straight to using HTML5 as it makes a bit more sense than the DIV-tasticness of HTML4


    thanks for the replies..i’m going to look in to it.
    but are all the features of HTML5 supported in browsers??
    there are also a lot of people using old browsers.

    again thanks for the replies :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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