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    Martin Duran

    Some time ago I set out to create a simple content management system. I re-opened the project this weekend, hoping to soon apply the system to some real life issues. I’m looking for some feedback on the system. Currently, it functions, apart from a database, using text files, only to create new editable fields, and open/edit those editable fields. Once editable fields are created, a snippet is provided, which is to be placed where the editable content is to be loaded. Then, the user can open that editable field (txt file) to edit it, via tinycme. My main question is, do you think you would use a system like this? How could I improve my cms? Thanks in advance.

    Link to cms website:

    Martin Duran


    Yes, I meant to keep it simple. That’s something that slipped my mind. Thanks for realizing that! Is this something you see yourself using? It merely served as a way to edit editable fields. Would a simple installation/user experience incline you to use such a cms? If you have no use for something like this, how about a client of yours? I’m looking to solve simple editing issues clients face, ya’ know the back and forth:

    Can you change this, that, etc.

    Is this something you might consider using for such events?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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