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    Howdy folks,

    In my ‘portfolio’ class, our professor wants us to carry a physical binder with our ‘work samples’ in it to display at our finale “mock interview”. Our professor has a doctorate in something NOT IT, so she doesn’t understand nor would she understand that some of my recent projects literally have thousands of lines of code. Never for a job interview have i had to bring something physical displaying code.

    I was thinking to just do a summary of sorts and maybe outline key things and what they do, what the problem was, how i fixed it, etc.

    Have any of you guys ever had to bring anything physical displaying code? Im kind of tempted to just tell them to reference the website on my business card when they ask for work samples, but i wanna play the game, get a good grade and just move on the my finale semester.

    Any suggestions?


    Case studies are a perfect portfolio for a developer.


    We never had to have an ‘interview’ but my lecturer at college wanted us to print out everything for our coursework assignment! But mainly in print screens with the most important parts of code.


    I’ve had to do that once. I printed out the longest page I had and stuck it in there to get the point across. I wouldn’t advise that approach unless you happen to have a professor that actually awarded stuff like that.

    TheDoc’s idea is really a good one. Actually, it goes along with [this article]( “Retiring The Portfolio Screenshot”) I was reading that I found on smashing mag. A similar approach can be made in print form.

    Use a page or two with some small code clips or images. Highlight a major feat from the project and show relevant code snippets.


    Personally, I’d print out all fifteen thousand lines of code. In a twelve-point variable width font, with serifs, wordwrapped, single-spaced.

    But then, I never cared much about my grades.

    Caveat emptor.


    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    : I should have mentioned Case studies considering they are done for every project somehow i left that out. Thanks for that.

    : I was thinking of that, with my website projects i could do that but the apps and desktop programs i have made there is too much “important” code to include. But yeah that was totally an option.

    : Yeah man, that basically sums up what i am going to do, thanks for that article. Very valuable read.

    @NSR : Unfortunately i do not have a tablet (So tempted to purchase that Galaxy tablet at verizon the other day for only $100) but any who, yeah I’ve debated throwing my apps at least up on the store so they can download but none have been written in Obj C so they would be Android only.

    : Ya know how many times I’ve contemplated that lol. A 4″ binder full of paper but I’ve managed to maintain a 4.0 throughout my entire degree and i don’t wanna mess that up now just to prove a point.

    I appreciate all your suggestions. I think im gonna go with UMLs, Case Studies and a tiny summary (maybe a picture or two).


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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