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    hi everyone, i though id ask for a little feedback before i start showing this off to garnish more clients and whatnot.

    im more intrested in little tweaks than overall design suggestions, but am open to whatever you got.
    also, of course if you find a broken somehting please let me know.

    thanks everyone.


    I like it, the only thing I thought was maybe you should center it vertically?


    thanks for the responses.

    , i dont know how to bin the outlines in FF, why does it do that??
    how do i fix that one??

    @milehigh, thanks man, infact a potenialy big client contacted me because she said i write like she does just today … awesome.

    , yeah good idea, ill look into that.

    anything else, these little things can make or break the site and i know that, so im open to any suggestions.

    "Edwin" wrote:
    Maybe you can make the color of the menu item of the actual page automatically change when someone uses the arrows to navigate? So that you can also see in the menu where you are right now. And also make a link of the header, so that people can always go back to the homepage easily.

    i thought of doing the current status link but honestly, i dont know how. any ideas?
    i usually make the header img a link, but since this is all one page, i thought, whats the point?

    "Edwin" wrote:
    Wow! Really great design. Although that little star feels like I’ve seen it somewhere else before. Can’t remember where.

    LOL Ya know? I’m drawing a complete blank!

    I like the site and love the carousel effect for the navigation. One thing, though. Having the samples from your portfolio page overlap that cool looking white dude kind of takes away from the focus of your portfolio pieces. Maybe add a white background to that area – sort of like a thick white band with those greyish outlines on the top and bottom – than spans the width of the services section and the height of your portfolio piece section? I may not be describing it properly, but I think it might help. My eyes crossed trying to discern your stuff from your cool dude. LOL.

    i dont know how to bin the outlines in FF, why does it do that??
    how do i fix that one??

    this should fix it

    a { outline:none;}

    nice design, what font are you using on the header,

    the content is really good. I lol’d a couple of time, good job.


    @Erika, i can see how there would be an issue discerning the elements from the bg img on the examples page, but its is that big of an issue? what would you say between 1-10? the reason i ask is because adding more to it might be counter productive, for example: there are no horizontal stripes anywhere else on the page and adding them there would mean adding a whole new convention. i know its a gallery and there are no other galleries on the pg, but i tried to keep them in 2 cols and make use of the <h> tag and tried as much as i could to maintain the design conventions of the other pages throughout the gallery page. so i asked 1-10 becuse if its like a 3 then it probably would not be worth it, but an 8 or so, yeah breaking the mold is understandable.

    what does everyone thing about that issue? 1-10.

    , thanks for the fix. why is FF so retarded that way?
    the font im using is good old helvetica black, but i modified the ‘t’ and the ‘r’ to make it a little unique.

    , haha, i am actually a country music entertainer on the side. (not) thats funny, i think i have a hazerdous last name in that way, i always have to spell it for people.


    my pleasure Travis,
    ah yes Helvetica, I like how you reworked those letters.


    @pab, those subtle changes must have been effective :)


    Very nice site. I like it.


    i realy like this design,

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