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    I am in the process of building a website for my dad’s home building company. As you can probably tell I don’t have too much experience with web design but I have built a few other sites for school. Here is the site:

    The problem I’m having is, the site looks pretty good at full screen size (I think it’s 1366×768 on my computer) but as soon as the window shrinks, everything realigns and looks terrible. Especially when I view it on a mobile device, it’s completely unusable.

    Can someone out there check it out at different sizes and look at my code and give me some tips? I’d be so appreciative.



    I can’t help with the code and responsive issues but i would advise changing fonts, as the one you have picked doesn’t render very well in Firefox.



    Thanks for the feedback. I have checked the site in Firefox (and Safari and Chrome) and the fonts all look the same to me. Could you tell me what text looks off, or post a screenshot of it?

    Also, don’t mind some of the poor layout and unfinished pages, still got a lot to do on the site.


    Hi Kaisle,

    That looks pretty good! I don’t know if you worked on it a lot since, but from what I’m seeing — it “responds” nicely.

    Also, I do see what the Bluelogic was referring to, when it came to the font. I bet it looks beautiful on the Mac, but on a PC, it’s rather choppy:


    StephBertha – thanks for the input. That must be the problem, I think I’ll just choose a different font that looks good on both PC’s and Macs.

    And I have been on the responsivity a lot since then, thanks! Now I just gotta work on making it look good for higher than 1280px wide screen resolutions. Thanks again!

    Mike Swan

    Hello kaisle

    Do you get your answer or still facing problem ?



    Mike (and to anyone else who may be able to help) –

    My site is now responsive for the most part with a lot of @media queries.

    But one thing I can’t figure out is why my Contact and Church pages won’t scroll down on the mobile site.

    Could someone take a look at these on mobile and maybe take a look through my code and see what I’m doing wrong?

    I asked on stackoverflow but they refused to even take a look at it because I don’t have any reputation over there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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