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    There we go.

    Now I’d look at the white space around the text in the nav – needs a bit more room to breathe.

    In the right sidebar there, don’t tab in your paragraphs.


    First off, sorry for resurrecting a dead thread, but I think you’ll see my reason for doing so once you’re done reading this post. BTW, it’s a long one so be aware of that before you do…

    So, thanks for (the few) who where encouraging while I was doing this, even though I’ve decided to not pursue web development as a career (we’ll continue with this in a bit) it was nice knowing that I had some support.

    I think there are three main reasons why my designs here sucked…

    1) I was in it for the money: Not to be brash but I think I’m a pretty decent designer when it comes to computer graphics. But as all of you should know, you can’t do art if you’re not in the right mindset.

    In this case, I was trying to rush and get past my first website so I could start talking to other people and get more websites done so I could start making money as soon as possible because! I had a deposit on a German Shepherd pup, I had a major deadline and was getting more and more stressed each time I make a new revision. I think my first design here was the best because I actually put some heart into it (even though I definitely could have touched it up a bit). Each time a did another revision I was running on even less time than before so each design got less and less heart.

    With this new design I made some revisions, but was messing around with Linux and did the n00b thing and reformatted my whole disk and lost that revision (in my defense, it was arch and it had the most confusing partition manager I’ve ever seen), once it was gone I completely ran out of motivation to do more work, because I just sat there with photoshop open thinking “I have to make something great, something fast, something now! I’ve got 20 days left on photoshop I need to do it in that time-frame to buy photoshop so I can keep going!” instead of “Hmm, so, what do I want for this website…” You see? I also need to start making money so I can move away from my parents and a job as Burger king is NOT an option.

    I ended up getting my deposit back on the GSD, since it had gotten to a point where I couldn’t do unless I was under the most random/pig flying luck ever which, knowing MY luck wouldn’t happen… Since great art takes time I stopped here.

    2) I was under a lot of stress… From needing to make $950 for the GSD and from a lot of other stuff going on at the time. Long story short I was actually working really hard to stop a Siberian Husky from going to the pound and all these things combined really stressed me the most I’ve ever been my entire life and my GOD I never want to be there again… Seriously, I was having cricopharyngeal spasms (there isn’t a shorter word, I looked…) every day and if you don’t know what that is, imagine having a lump the size of a golf-ball in your throat, everyday…

    3) I was ONLY doing it for the money… Sure, I enjoy throwing a website together, it’s kinda fun and I still have dreams to make a social networking site or something along the lines of google/yahoo… But doing it for strangers and a few bucks? It’s something I enjoy but not something I want to do all the time everyday.

    One of my true passions is game development, I was only doing web development because again, I was trying to get out of the house as well. I had gotten intimidated by C++ when I started learning it because I was trying to do to much to soon and I had this huge mental brick wall up. Once I stopped doing web development, I started messing with IRC, I wanted to make an IRC bot again because my roots in scripting where from mIRC and that was something I enjoyed. I got fed up with the limitations of mIRC script because I had used javascript and the likes so I was spoiled in what I could do with them…A now friend pointed me to just straight Perl and eventually I ended up trying to do it in ruby with the cinch framework, while I was making something in Ruby (and very refreshingly enjoying desktop coding) I thought to myself “If I can do Ruby this well, is C++ really that hard? If nothing else I’ll just learn it the way I did with ruby in, what a couple of weeks?” so then I picked up a C++ book again and started learning that, I got fed up with “the ruby way” as I started to fall in love with C++ and continued to learn and program with it.

    I put a lot of work into a text based adventure game and came close to finishing it, but then lost interest because my scope kept getting bigger and I realized I should just rewrite the whole thing to avoid bugs. Then I picked up SDL which I had become intimidated by, in a similar fashion to the way I was with C++ but not as strong, I started doing it again and realized why it Sdl, freaking SIMPLE Direct media Layer. With an emphasis on SIMPLE, seriously, underline it, capitalize it, put it in italic and make it bold it’s simple!

    At this point I’m almost done with a pong clone, I’ve gotten the physics working beautifully and now I just have to implement AI which should be cake and well as scoring which IS trivial.

    How do I like what I’m doing now? I LOVE it! It’s something I’m doing because I want to do it, not because I need to make money. Sure, the money thing is there, but I figure I’ll just live under my parents roof and code full time to take advantage of the situation I’m in. Because right now I can code 24/7 if I got a joke… Er, job at crystals I would probably be to tired to code when I got home so I’m definitely gonna take some time to do what I want to do. Remember, the reason I was doing web development was I was scared of game development.

    So, I’ll make another website at some point, I’ll do it in another thread to dissociate myself from this disaster. At this point I want a blog, a place for a resume for my programming projects that I want to show off. It won’t need to look great because I’m just going to house a blog and a resume and since people aren’t going to hire me from my website anymore I can relax and will probably make a much better one in the process. Don’t be surprised if you see wordpress go up with someone else’s theme and a little blog on my website.

    So, sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but I figured it was justified since I wanted to give a reason as to why these designs sucked and dissociate myself from them and at least give the reason why I created them. I don’t want archive hunters (or people that know me that find this from stalking me on google, or someone looking at my profile on here) to think I just flat out suck.



    I think in this industry you see a lot of people struggle with both sides of the spectrum. Listen, not everyone has the skill to be both, a designer and developer. Sadly we’re not all cutout to be in this profession. People must believe that design is easy and flows off one’s head. It takes a lot of thought and practice to learn your own skill that not everyone has.

    There’s nothing wrong with buying a theme and creating a blog to showcase products you’ve developed. Actually, I would encourage it as you’re also supporting a designer.

    I’m sure a lot of us have second guessed if we wanted to pursue this profession as a career. We all get frustrated in this industry for many reasons related to our work so I can understand not wanting to recreate what you’ve lost in Photoshop. You have to learn to laugh at that kind of stuff. But I wish you well and success in game development.

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)
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