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    Hi Everyone
    I’m new to this. I’m a Graphic Designer and I just learned some basics of flash, CSS, Understaing HTML…
    and I am working on my website.
    -I’m still working on the fonts… I’m not there yet with the CSS. I wanted to have separate rules for the sub menu, than the text. (I know it’s not necessary, but I want to learn so….) but can anyone tell me what is the difference between, and ??? if it’s a link, shouldn’t it be active? Sometimes my creative brain can’t wrap around logic.

    Anyways tell me what you think, remember I am a artist first, so creativity is my biggest seller.

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    Hey again :)

    a:link is a more specific definition for the "a" tag.

    a:active is what happens when you click the link, so its that short time between the next page loading and the link entering the "visited" state.

    What I would recommend for your site is that you remove all styling from your actual HTML tags and either put them in a style sheet that links to your document, or between your <head> tags… but just looking at your site it seems you have tried to link a stylesheet, although the link isnt complete.


    this isnt linking to anything. Your CSS file needs to be defined, so if its called studio360.css and its in the same folder as your index.html file, you need to link to it like this:


    Be careful with case of your letters too. I would recomend using lower case, especially on file extentions (*.CSS .css can be seen as different on some servers)

    If you do use a style sheet to style your site, keep all the style code in your sheets and not in the tags. The only thing that should be defined in your tags at the most is the class or ID, which would then be defined within the style sheet :)

    Does that make sense at all?

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    It looks great! I’d just recommend putting a little more letter spacing in the nav font though, or make it a px bigger. Clear, easy to read navigation is very important from the visitor’s point of view!

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