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    I can’t figure out why I can’t click my menu..

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    Had a quick look at it and what’s causing the problem is the code for your anchor tags.

    In your css code “#header li a”, remove “position: relative”

    Everything will shift to the left, but you can fix that by increasing the left margin for your UL tag and then everything should be click-able.

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    @djrolstad, here’s the FIX…

    I removed the #navigation elements from CSS…there was no need for it since your nav was enclosed in header. You can do your own styling anyway you want.

    Edit: Please, let me know when you done so I can remove that Pen.

    # January 5, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Thanks guys! why would the position relative make it not clickable? just curious..

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    I didn’t even look if the position relative had anything to do with it. The major problem was that you had a specificity collision in your nav. Some elements were given specificity of header id and some navigation id. So if you want to keep your nav inside the header you do as I did. If you don’t want to have your nav inside the header then you craft your nav elements with specificity of navigation id and put it below the header with header having some bottom margin. Hope it makes sense.

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