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    Well I recently picked up the hobby of web design and a family friend wanted me to make a website that she could put stuff on thats she is selling off of ebay. So personal website with products but sell through ebay, makes no sense to me but anywho. I made it and would appreciate any feedback on it. I need help on one thing that is the content background I want set to auto and not stretched like it is. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated b/c like I said this is my first "actual" website I made. Feel free to upload and test anything you ( I would appreciate it if you did ) just keep it clean. Also this is hosted on my home server so it might be slow but it should be ok. Thanks for any input.
    p.s. the pics on the first page are just for testing there will be 20 or so there that it cycles through. Also once testing is complete I’m going to activate cookies so the new product page, edit category , edit product, delete product links/pages will only be visible to the admin.
    once again thanks for any input and like I said please test upload products, edit categories etc.

    Chris Coyier

    Congratulations on getting started with web design! Looks like you are building a mini-CMS there so she can add products to the site right from the site. Pretty cool. Should probably tuck those admin links into a password-protected area, or at least an obscure URL so most people don’t see those (once it’s live, anyway). The menu is very clear and easy to read, but I think it would be nice either centered about that main content area or flush-left to the grid. Looks like the header area is sort of "coming soon", but that should probably come down in size to match the grid.


    thanks for the reply chirs. Yes the admin links will be cookie protects just waiting until final design to implement that. Yes header is coming soon still having problem in the design area. Will center the menu and trim the header to match up. Did you get a chance to look at the css b/c I cant figure out how to get the main content height to auto. I will also post this in help. Thanks for the ideas.


    Er, okay a broken link…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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