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    Thanks to this website I’ve managed to understand alot more about how css works. Its not finished as it needs some content but the layout is exactly how I wanted it.

    Original Mockup Design


    Let me know your opinions and if you find any problems.

    Thanks :)



    its a good design; nice and simple.
    just a small thing, the rollover images at the bottom are all 1 or 2 pixels out, so when you hover over them, the text moves very slightly. also, i would reconsider having the navigation at the bottom,its not the most usual place to put it. if your pages get bigger, they wont be visible to users. other than that, good job


    Hi, Thanks for your feedback. I just noticed that the rollover images are slightly out, I’m using the css ‘background position’ trick so I’ll have to sort those images.

    RE: the Nav bar; The site won’t get any bigger and I thought it would be more unique with the nav at the bottom sitting flush with content background.

    I’m very happy with it. :lol:


    I think it looks pretty cool. Good job!


    I like the idea of having the nav at the bottom.

    The only thing i can comment on is the background image you’ve used for the body.
    My eyes were hurting me while trying to read the content… I suggest the use of other colors… I always try my best to avoid black and white. I prefer using warm colors.

    What do you think?

    Other than that, nice job.



    Love the bottom nav and the background. Only thing is font is WAY too small for me. I keep saying this to people but truthfully I have issues reading anything under 12px with at least 16/18px line height. It’s not that I can’t. It makes me squint and then my eyes get tired and I move on.

    I really like the line height in your mockup. I’d boost the font size up just a little, and recreate that line height. Really would help polish things out.

    Also, I think your image to the right should be just a bit larger in width. It seems a little lopsided right now with almost all the content/imagery on the left side. But the shades of grey/black you chose with the orange is very nice! And I love the font!


    Looks good and a very good job compared to the mockup.

    Just one suggestion: What about fading out the menus hover state a bit from the (great looking) orange to the content gray. or maybe just add a little border on top to combine the hover menu and the content a little bit better.


    Love your site – I’m totally new to this whole thing, and I’m about to start my first mockup for a (paying) client! I’m totally excited – especially since my own site, and my portfolio are pretty weak at the moment. Keep up the good work!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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