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    Hi guys,
    I’m new to this site, and new to CSS… And I think they’re both beautifull.. :)
    I’ve just finnished my new website wich I’ve started off from a template, but
    after 2 sleepless nights the code and the site looked nothig like the template:))
    here it is>
    you wont understand what it says there cose its in Slovak :)

    I used to write html code some time before, but no CSS,
    but from now on, CSS is the only way ;)…


    not bad for your first time with css :)


    Nice at the top! Great idea with the cables, but the content and footer kind of not in tone with the header. Choose a contrast font color, maybe another color at the footer too.

    I`m not an great web designer, i can`t call m self an web designer at all! :D but i know that this is what you will do with your website!

    (But keep the top !! it`s great!! )

    "milehighdesigner" wrote:
    Off to a good start… templates are a great way of being able to look at the page, then look at the code making it appear that way, and messing around as you please with no repercussions.

    Anyhow, I thought i’d mention this… I know you might think it’s neat to have the W3C Valid box… But for anything professional, it’s not so neat. If you put that on a client’s website, they’d probably say "what the hell is that?" And also, 95% of your visitors, unless its a site about CSS, will look at that and say "what the hell is that?" Furthermore, it sort of ruins the flow of your design… Like have a beautiful picture in your living room, then putting a postit note over it saying "I drew this."

    If you *really* want the world to know its Valid CSS, I’d simply make an 8 or 10 px link in the footer. This is my opinion, but I can’t imagine people opposing my points too much. Being valid and showing that it is valid doesn’t make the page any better. =)

    Just my 2 cents. ;)

    what I think is, why the hell would I want to tell people it validates, when most people don’t know what that even means…….

    as long as it validates (mostly) and works fine on major browsers then show the work, not tat it validated…. it does not mean it is a good site if it validates


    Not bad! I love the top navigation – nice use of perspective there. The one thing I would change would be the bottom navigation, going from black to white is never a good idea, try black to some sort of gray – maybe #cfcfcf or #555555 ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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