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    This is my first all CSS site from scratch.
    I’ve designed other sites (tables and sliced images and modified css templates), but this one is all from scratch. My question is about making a site look fresh, current and impactful with the use of gradients, stripes, images etc. I notice my designs are flat and lack pizazz. Any suggestions on improving this site would be helpful. I know there are a gazillion tutorials out there but haven’tfound any to make background images like the ones on Help.

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    On the contrary, I think it has quite a bit of pizazz. It catches my eye, and I really like the American flag background. It looks pretty lively to me. Nice!

    However, what I don’t like is the fact that it’s all images. This takes a long time to load and is very inflexible – you can’t change the text size, select and copy text, etc. For an event like this, people will probably want to copy information to save on their own computer (like the address, etc.), and by making the whole thing an image you’re forcing them to retype everything themselves.

    So in other words, I like the look of the design, but it’s not very functional. I would remove the text from the background image and then re-insert it as plain text styled with CSS. You’ll get to keep the design intact but it’ll be a lot more flexible.

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