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    Hi guys,

    I’m calling a functions.php at the top of my file and then calling some variables right after.

    Then I use the functions, mainly of include and echo functions, in the page somewhere. The functions work based on the fact that the variable exists.

    For example:


    function the_title()
    $title = "Hello world";
    $title .= $page_title; //$page_title is declared in the webpage
    echo $title;



    $page_title="this is my index page.";


    bleh bleh all the head tags and stuff...

    bleh bleh all the closing tags...

    Now you get my situation.

    The two functions that don’t work are:

    function the_name()
    echo $level_name;

    function the_page()
    echo $level_page;

    Don’t they look perfectly legit?

    The variables are declared in the same way–

    $level_number = "";

    $level_name = "Welcome!";

    $level_page = "Home Page";


    that’s everything before my .

    Now when I call the function:

    It doesn’t work. The page still loads–means there’s no syntax problem. The function just doesn’t echo anything. So what’s wrong? All looks legit…

    Additional info: If I abort the function and just call “echo $level_name;”, it works. So it’s something with my function…



    Your issue is one of scope. Inside your functions, any variables declared externally are not known unless their value is passed as a parameter of the function or accessed using GLOBAL within the function.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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