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    Hey everyone,

    Here’s my companies new site I’ve been working lately…
    (as always, tiny url’ed for search engines)

    Couple things I know aren’t working right in IE7.. and if anyone can test it on IE6, that’d be awesome.. I don’t trust my IETester anymore. If everything is pushed around, I need to make an IE6 only CSS. It’s weird, it only pushes over when I’m using the PNG hack, otherwise it displays correctly, just with the messed up transparency.

    In IE 7, I know the Questions li drop down menu isn’t starting out at correct opacity. Also, the left side gradient over the tabs isn’t displaying properly when you go to a page… the tab corresponding to the page should be over it. Everything works perfectly in FF.

    On the services page, I’m going to be adding tooltips.. that’s my last step. As you can see on the right, it’ll say "move your mouse over to learn more" but theres no tips there. ;)

    Design wise, only thing I’m not sure on is the footer…

    I’d like to hear your thoughts, critiques on anything though! Thanks!!

    Edit: Updated the link


    Taking a quick glance at it, I really enjoy the design. It’s nice and sleek :)

    On that note. The only little things I though upon first reaction were:

    Perhaps the "Sign Up" could have a bit more impact, like a button. A call to action, ya know?

    "That’s Synergy" could be lightened up a bit, more vibrant, didn’t even see it when I first glanced.

    Other than just some typography stuff, I really like it :)

    Best of luck!


    hey i really liked your design a lot..
    its very simple yet very beautiful. I found one bug though. If you hover your mouse over the side navigation buttons very fast and more than once, they keep coming out and going back in. You have to optimize your jquery code to resolve that i think.. :)


    It’s really nice! Reduce the "Thinking of a Website for your Business?"-font-size a little bit. Theres is something wrong with the Sign-up und Explore-button. The typo is too big.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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