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    I haven’t posted here in a while, but I thought I’d show this off. I wrote a blogging software in python to run on the appengine to log my progress through college. Everything there is about 97% my own code, sans a few libraries like Mardown and reStructuredText. The interface is pretty nice, in my opinion, but the real gold sits in the backend. I have it configured to cache all static content rendered until a certain task-time is hit, where it flushes some content depending on its request rate. Due to the nature of Appengine’s restrictions on library use, CPickle is not available. The Python pickle is available, but is a million times slower and is vulnerable to malicious executions. Instead, models are serialized into Google’s Protobufs which even beat CPickle in performance in my tests. The interface is clean, readable, and non-obtrusive. There are no ads lying around. It pings Google/Yahoo/Bing when a new post is made, generates sitemaps on its own, responds to queries from robots in a most-popular to least-popular order, and a whole slew of other stuff I thought was cool and may help.

    Overall, it’s fast. Really, really fast. Just in comparison, it blows WordPress out of the water in speed and efficiency. (WordPress blows mine out of the water in popularity and features).

    No, I don’t have keywords. As of now, that’s not really a concern to me. It doesn’t totally validate, I know why and will eventually fix that when I’m not bloodshot and groggy (this has been a 4AM project for the past four weeks). (Update: I fixed it, and now it’s just the Google link tripping it up. Recommendations on how to fix that are welcome.) I know some of my tags nest very deeply, and that’s because I can almost not live without SASS. I prefer semantic, structured CSS. And, I plan to use the site for my software projects, personal opinion as well, but mainly just software.

    So, yeah, howdeedo everybody.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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