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    I’m launching my new portfolio in a week. I self taught myself CSS and this is my second attempt at it. My last 2 portfolio sites were front end designs that I just hot spotted using dreamweaver. They got me jobs but I decided learning CSS and XHTML would be a valuable skill set.

    I like to think it turned out well. My grammar however is not the best, so I’ve got a couple of english majors red penning my writing as we speak.

    I’d really appreciate input. I plan to use this to get new jobs and further freelance work.


    Change the margin on your #wrapper to {margin:5px auto;} and it looks good. Normally such a bright background wouldn’t look good but in this case it looks alright.


    For your 2nd design it looks ok but I have to say the style of your page is somewhat out dated, looks more like a design from 99-02.

    Your about page is About.htm…try using lower case for all your extensions, a good habit to get change it to about.htm

    The black rectangle around your white BG doesn’t fit too well, if you’re gonna keep it then I think the top part needs to go, maybe keep it for the side and bottom or just make your top margin 0.

    Your columns are not aligned with each other, first of all your Who, Why and Why box should be aligned horizontally with your picture? Do you get it? Like you did for the bottom columns. Look at this picture, I’ve used a lighter colour so you can see what I mean, I think it’d look better if you make the first box bigger, add your picture and have text wrap around the picture.

    Click me

    These are my personal opinions other ppl might see these as insignificant.

    I don’t think you need to tell people “I respect your views” after telling them you’re a Christian, either take out the whole I’m a Christian, I respect your views or just keep it as I’m a Christian.

    My passion comes from a genuine enjoyment for helping others and needing money to eat. :-) I think “needing money to eat” should not be there, this is cool for maybe a blog but not for the main site.
    Also crying at wedding? It adds humour and personality to your website but I don’t thin these are needed.

    Do you really need the illustration of your face at the bottom of the columns? It’s not serving a purpose seems like you just threw it there because it’s nice.

    The red dotted boxes!?!?! I know you’re using them as separators for your work but you should try something different.

    Watch Chris’s Psd to Html, even tho you haven’t used that style but it could have u going in the right direction.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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