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    Does anyone know if there is the ability to have mutiple side bars in Word press? basically, I am using the widget feature and Id like to separate the widget in there own little div or area.. I dont see in the side bar where I can find that code to separate them with divs BUT I did see under widgets in the WP admin that there is a drop down menu where you can possibly choose different side bars to assign the widgets too.. Im thinking I can control/separate/and style them that way.

    Any ideas?

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    what do you mean?

    have a sidebar with widget, then sidebar and widget?

    I don’t know if that can be done, cause the widget is for the sidebar and from the admin pages, how could you set some actions for one sidebar then other actions for the other.

    in my martial arts site, I have the sidbar and added my own divs, one for registering, logging in etc, then widgets then my site navigation.


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    I figured it out. You can have more than one side bar. You make a code change in the functions.php file then put the side bar where you want which I just put another in my sidebar.php file. You can have as many as you want then set what widgets you want for each. That is what I wanted, and I wanted to be able to style each one sep.


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