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    I am putting together a WordPress site for a client and I need 3 navigation menus on the page at one time all with "current" states for the page that you are currently on. So you would have the main page navigation at the top, you’d click on one of those links and have a second menu navigation further down the page, you click on one of those menus and you get a third menu navigation below that. All the while, whatever you click on maintains a current state so you know which page you are on. I have been looking at ways of doing this with wp_list_pages to show all sub-pages for the page you are currently on. I’m thinking the best way would be to organize the pages into pages and subpages and then call out the sub-pages for the page you are on. Just not sure on how to have 3 of these menus on the page at one time and have them all logically connected that way.


    # February 23, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    I’v been looking for something similar…
    Maybe this will inspire you in some way: … wordpress/

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