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    I am using godaddy’s webformmailer, that’s easy. However I am wanting to save the values from the form into a database, which is not already written in the form. Is it possible to have a form like:

    Or should I just use javascript/ajax to save all those values and do its own thing once the submit button is pressed? Just let me know if i am making no sense at all.


    No. The values you are passing to the `action1.php` are available . You just need to write a script that saves the data to the database and sends email. Code would be written inside `action1.php` file.

    You could use AJAX to save data, although I’m not sure how safe that is.


    @AlenAbdula So the best bet is to let the provide webformmailer do its own thing, but then write [a] [java]script to take those values and send them off to the server to be written in a database?


    The best thing to do is submit the form to a single URL, which will process the form and do whatever thing(s) you want to happen. However,

    > I am using godaddy’s webformmailer

    …and it is probably only designed to do *one* thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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