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    check this site:صفحه-نخست.aspx
    I have a problem with this layout.
    the problem is with the left-most column (which has no content)
    it’s a column for advertisements.
    if you try resizing it, the column to it’s right will stay where it is, but two columns under it will be pushed downward. try it using firebug.
    I expected that the advertisement panel was floated to the left, and the one horizontal and two vertical columns are floated to the right, they will not push each other.
    their width is defined in percent.
    is there anything I can do, so that after the ad panel has few ads, it won’t push down the two vertical columns?
    (I tried absolutely positioning it, the pushing problem will be ok, but I won’t know what height to give it. the next problem I will face will be it’s height.)


    thankyou very much. I once again faced this problem and by searching, found this thread!
    didn’t know you answered. thankyou again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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