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    I want to have an image, heading, and description all contained within one clickable link(without using a script).
    Originally, I accomplished this using <h5> tags for the heading and <p> tags for the description. Everything worked exactly as I wanted, but it would not validate because apparently you can’t put <h> and <p> tags within <a> tags.
    Then I tried it just by wrapping the heading text in bold and italic tags and using tags to give it a different size and color than the description text. The color and size tags were also invalid.

    Any ideas of how I could accomplish this? is the site in question.

    I left it coded with the <h5> and <p> tags to show the desired effect.

    Thanks for any help or advice


    Jmfisher, what you’re talking about is actually possible in HTML 5, and some modern browsers will let it work, but not quite with the best/consistent results. Eric Meyer talks about a similar situation in a recent article. The options Chris suggests are the best options for you to use right now, until it gets supported better. Wish they’d hurry up with HTML 5 and CSS3 already.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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