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Multiple animations on a class

  • # December 28, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I seem to have pretty good luck on this board solving really simple dumb issues so hopefully someone can offer some insight into a new problem that’s hopefully also very simple (somehow I don’t think it is).

    I’m trying to have a menu slider (at work with a tabbed jquery ui menu (at The problem is that both rely on div classes & id’s to operate. I’ve been trying to integrate the two into one and have everything working up until the slider moving. It will expand to size but not animate. Any ideas as to what might be missing?? I figure I’m asking a whole lot of the div class. Any insight into cleaning this up, pairing it down or any ideas are great. It’s a challenge to see how much animation I can pull off.

    The site is:

    Also- If it’s not completely obvious I just started working with jQuery but am getting more comfortable with it every day, so feel free to ask for more specific code or if you need me to paste anything in.

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