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    I am trying to create what is basically a red and white ribbon that can span multiple lines that wraps onto a new line when the text in the red part overflows its container, with the ribbon looking the same on the new line.

    Picture a ribbon that looks like the flag of Poland that will keep expanding to accommodate the longest text in the two rows.

    Thank you!


    Perhaps you could show us how this is supposed to look in the various states you mention…the description is a little vague.

    Why would the text in the red part “overflow”, wouldn’t it just wrap?

    ..and if it does happen to wrap, what does this have to do with the white section.


    Please let me offer another description.

    I am trying to make a two-row ribbon of text, that wraps the two rows onto a new line together whenever either one comes to the edge of its container.

    This is difficult to represent manually because the lines I use will wrap at different points on different screens, but basically, I’m looking to make a ribbon that looks like this:


    that will wrap both A and B together onto a new line if the text in A or B comes to the edge of the container.


    Nope still not getting it exactly….but there’s no way to force text in one div to wrap when text in another one does.

    What we really need are design images…not text representations but as I said, CSS can’t force text to wrap based on the content of another div.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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