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    Hi Chris and all community members :)

    I am working on a site “” which is basically a place to maintain study material for students. They have the stuff like notes on physics, maths and all, the worksheets the formulas and all the special characters in them…

    They create the digital content in MS word and then they want it on their site. I created the site and almost everything was sorted but then I was in the face by “WordPress won’t take MS word formatting”!!!!!!? While all my life I have being living with the “paste form word” button…
    Here is an example of what there content is (again all the formatting and table thing is not showing up as was intended by the user :( )

    “Q. 1 If f: R→Ris defined by f(x)=3x+2,define f[f(x)]
    Q.2 Let A={1,2,3}, B={4,5,6,7}, and let f ={(1,4),(2,5),(3,6)} be a function from A to B. State whether f is one-one or not.
    Q.3 State whether the relation R in the set {1,2,3}given by R = {(1,2),(2,1) } is transitive or not. Give reason.
    Q.4 If a function defined as f(x) = (3x-4)/5 be an invertible function, write f^(-1)(x).
    Q.5 If f: R→R be defined by f(x)= 〖(3-x^3)〗^(1⁄3), then find fof(x).
    Q.6 What is the range of the function f(x)= |x-1|/((x-1) ) ?
    Q.7If a binary operation* on Q is defined as
    a*b=2a+b-ab,for all a,b ∈ Q,find the value of 3*4.
    Q.8 Let *be a binary operation on N given by
    a*b=HCF (a,b),a,b∈N.Write the value of 22*4.
    Q.9 If the binary operation *on the set of integers Z,is defined by
    a*b=a+3b^2,then find the value of 2*4.
    Q.10 If f(x)is an invertible function,find the inverse of f(x)=(2x-5)/3.
    q.11 If f(x)=x+7 and g(x)=x-7,x∈R,find (fog)(7).
    Q.12 Let f:R→R such that f(x)= sin⁡〖x and g:R→R such that g(x)= x^2.Find fog.〗

    9X+8 Yes Not transitive
    (5x+4)/3 X {-1,1}
    -2 2 50
    (3x+5)/2 7 sin⁡〖x^2 〗

    I have tried Weblog Client (Blog Desk) as well but again the formatting goes away and none of the things is taking up the table… Like the Answer Key thing in the above example was meant to be in a table and is in a table in MS word document.

    Please show some light …



    Have you actually tried the “paste from Word” button? You can get this by installing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin for WordPress.


    Hi Lydia.

    Oh yes.. I have tried the “paste from button” many a times and apparently I am not the only one facing this issue. There are forums filled with discussions about this.. none reaching solution as far as I have looked :(

    Trying this plugin.. meanwhile hoping to hear from someone who has done this before.


    Still looking for a solution to this….


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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