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    Gary Pickles

    Hi Everyone, i know this topic has been covered lots of times, i have done this before, exporting database uploading, wordpress, importing theme and the database…… But….

    The new site I’m working on is quite complicated (for me anyway) so i think i will need time to setup the plugins do a bit of testing in the wild, how do i hide the wordpress site so people can’t access it while I set it up. The only thing i though of is to create a index.html to catch anybody accessing the site, and then remove it when everything is ready.


    That’s one way to do it. Unfortunately all your stuff on your site will probably be indexed by Google before it is ready. So… whatever you do, I’d probably set up a robots.txt file to tell Google you don’t want them indexing your stuff before it’s good to go.

    Gary Pickles

    Hi Josh, I may be my lack off experience with wordpress that is making me think i have a lot more to do, this site has Buddypress installed and Restrict content pro, so thought i would have work to do after uploading.

    But it sounds like i could be easier than than i thought.


    I know this is a little late, but use Coming Soon Pro plugin. It will cost a few bucks, but worth every penny. You can hide the site and give access you those who need it. Those who don’t have access will see the coming soon page or whatever you created within the plugin for the front page. If you are logged in you will always see the regular site.
    One the hidden gem plugins that is very useful, but seems a lot of people over look.


    I usually use the WP Maintenance plugin. It will block your site from everyone, except those who are logged in as administrators (in another tab in the same browser).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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