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    Hey guys, long story short my mom has been wanting to pull together all of her recipes into one "database" in her case note cards. I thought that it would be a cool idea to put this down onto the web so she could view it anywhere without lugging around a box of index cards. I started early to give myself plenty of time, however this is my first; not for myself, web page and i want it to look good and work right. The style is pretty much done i just need to input all of the data that i can find without her knowing. Most will all be done the same way; i have also included a few details on what i plan on doing, busy week at school so much wont get done :(, so i want you all to take a look and give me any advice you can spare; personally I’m worried about two things, the page has major break down when it’s narrowed(guesstimate 400-450px width) and I’m not sure if I like how my nav-bar has turned out however I’ve tried two or three already. Anyway, Sorry for making your eyes burn with the explanation, here it is: (just the homepage and part of the meats section are up)

    Good or bad ill take it all; Thanks,
    – Jerm

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    Very true, I didn’t catch that spelling error. We don’t have a computer in the kitchen at the moment; however i will go ahead and increase the size slightly. I will most likely attach a .txt file to each with the recipe on it as i have been typing them in as i get them this way she can just download/open the file and print it off, unless someone knows where i can find a decent tut on making printable pages (I just thought of it, ill check here after I’m done typing).

    Thanks Virtual

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