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    For my site I am not sure I want my blog entries to be on the home page.. I may, but if I do I believe I want it to only show one post at a time.. but my main concern is that I definately want a small section on a side bar to have a "most recent blog post secion". how would I get this? I want something similar to what this site has at the bottom

    what is this site using to do this?


    They are using WordPress for their blog, and latest posts within WordPress is a class called latest_blog_post or latest_blog_list, I don’t remember which they are using.. my guess is latest_blog_list.

    You can use that code anywhere within a WP theme to get the result you want I believe, I’m sorry, I’m no coding expert or WordPress guru by any means… get me in Photoshop and we can talk!

    "LinCSS25" wrote:
    Yeah me too, Id be in heaven with photoshop and a.. make this a website magic wand.. ahhh dreaming

    A Note to any Adobe programming personnel that may frequent the site.

    Here is what we need:
    1) A button that says "MAKE WEBSITE" with an icon similar to the magic wand.
    2) By clicking that button it will ask for the site name and create a folder with the appropriate subfolders.
    3) After it makes "ding" noises and maybe a "blurp" it will present us with CSS verifiable code that we can simple upload to our FTP servers.

    In an effort to not ask for an unrealistic feature, I will do the uploading in a new program you can create called "Adobe FTP Flurry" or something to that effect.

    CS5, I have my pre-order in now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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