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    Hello again! I got more trim onto my page and it jacked up the formatting again.

    Basically, what needs to happen is that the black bar at the bottom of the post needs to render underneath the .sidebar-trim on the side. However, the .sidebar-trim needs to render over top of the .quote-text section and underneath the .top-trim

    The first thing I tried was adding a -1 z-index to the quote section. That worked fine. However, doing the same to the black .post-actions element causes the links to be inactive. Giving it a positive z-index fixes it, but causes it to render on top of the .sidebar-trim. Raising the z-index of the sidebar trim fixes both of those issues, but causes the .sidebar-trim to render in front of the .top-trim and no amount of fiddling with the values seems to fix the problem.

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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