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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask because I really don’t know what is causing my issue with IE9. I am working on a website at a temp location:

    I had other ie9 issues but the post regarding resolved most of my issues… but 2 issues remain:

    Major Issue: Once my index page loads, I have to refresh the page for my banner images to start displaying. Is there a timing issue here, or is there a way to refresh once to get past this. This issue is only occuring with internet explorer, all other browsers work well.

    Minor Issue: When I test any webpage in Expression Web the page tabs to select each page should be showing a blue background, but only line 2 text turns blue….I can live with this but what gives?…this problem shows on all browsers


    @simple1 I optimized your images. Try changing out the ones you have with these to see if that fixes the issue with having to refresh the page.


    thanks for the help. I updated the pictures but got the same result. I still had to hit the refresh button to see the pictures. What are the possible causes for having to refresh the page to see images?


    Not sure if it would make much of a difference, but you might want to try and move this line to the BOTTOM of the document (right before ):

    What might be happening is that you’re calling a plugin (for the image gallery?) before the rest of the page is loaded, so it’s usually better to have any libraries and plugins in the header of the document, and then actually calling the jQuery functions at the end.

    Also, calling this file gives a 404 error:


    Unfortunately that did not help. From reading other posts I think this is an ie9 bug and microsoft is not aware of it. Assuming this is a bug is there a way to patch?

    refresh page once in script

    “if ie9 then???”


    Having a bit of trouble finding where you call the script that calls the image effects (featured?) plugin. Normally I would expect something at the bottom of the file that look something like this:

    $(document).ready(function() {

    ….or something like that, but I don’t see that anywhere. So whatever plugin you’re using, the call should be at the bottom.

    I think.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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