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    I am having some trouble with my width for my mobile site For some reason its not filling up all the of available area. Ive googled my heart out and cant find anything related to this issue. Any guidance here would be great.



    Google might be more helpful if you have a firm idea of what you need to research. The developer console should help you there – that’s F12 in most browsers. Use it to inspect elements, traversing up and down the DOM to see what CSS is applied in the styles pane. From there you’ll be able to make edits directly in the browser, then when you’ve made the changes that fix your width/layout issues, transfer the changes to your stylesheet. The element selectors and stylesheet file names will be given to you. And a happy side effect of learning to use the developer console, is helping you identify the pertinent CSS and HTML that you can in turn use to make a reduced CodePen demo for us to further help you, should you need it ;)


    Unfortunately ive tried looking around in the DOM and changing elements that could possibly have something to do with this issue. I would have made a CodePen but its such a large web app that I would have to narrow it down and if I knew where to narrow it down to then I could just fix the problem lol. Thanks for the input tho!


    Unfortunately, the size of a full codebase is what will put many folks off, as poking about in the developer console can be time consuming, as well as a no-starter if they’re not on a desktop computer (I’m not, at the mo). Oftentimes when building websites, you have to strip the whole layout right back in order to identify the offending elements (again, that can be time consuming) but this is a valuable exercise in helping a developer narrow down and fix the problem. We’ve all been there at one time or other, and I totally get how frustrating it is. But at the end of the day, if you’re seeking free help via an online forum, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting helpfully specific responses if you cut back the codebase to more easily digestible amounts. CodePen is perfect for that as we (devs browsing in our spare time) can edit on any device (not restricted to the dev console on desktop), and come up with solutions for you on the fly.

    Alternatively, you could hire someone to troubleshoot your full codebase for you? (There’s always a trade-off between spending time or spending money)

    Good luck with your project.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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