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    Have not been here in a while.

    weirdest thing.
    When i make a mobile menu using a hidden checkbox which you click the label and it opens a menu – in safari it waits for you to move the mouse away from the checkbox area and then it opens the menu.

    Ive never seen this and it only happens in safari. Is this a bug?
    Seems to do with giving my label and checkbox a z-index to stay on top.

    check it in a narrow screen to see mobile


    i found this:
    Safari (up to and including version 4) and Chrome (up to and including version 3) behave “buggily” when the adjacent selector is preceded by an element using the :hover pseudo class. The bug varies between versions but the rule is either not applied at all, or applied inconsistently.

    might have to do with it i don’t know… but were in version 8??


    based on that founding i changed the + to a ~

    basically I was using input:checked + nav{…. (open)

    i changed to the + to a ~ and no more bug

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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