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    Krsiak Daniel


    I used beta version on Windows:
    There is newer, paid version:

    I am Front End Developer, the app seems real good.

    1.] Anyone using it, is it worth the: One-time cost → $39 (£25.16) ?
    2.] Is there any similar app on Windows ? (yeah I hear you Mac users with CodeKit :))


    Never used Mixture but for the price it seems reasonable.

    I use Prepros for my…erm…preprocessing. It works with many code editors and it’s free.

    Style injection etc..minification the works.

    Krsiak Daniel

    I am curious of a comparison between Mixture and Prepros out of experience

    so far all I was reading is Prepros lightweight and Mixture more heavy, using templates and stuff

    I guess it depends on personal taste but I found Mixture having more feature than I needed most times, Prepros seems more straightforward, fster to use

    will try it a bit more



    I’m one of the devs behind Mixture.

    Prepos looks cool and like many of the tools in this area, there are standard features that they all cover.

    But Mixture has a lot of features and workflow that are unique.

    It really depends on your use case and requirements of the tools, but I would try them both before making your mind up – there is a 14 day trial with Mixture (it was free for almost a year in beta).

    I’m not sure why the word “heavy” has been used with Mixture – you can download and start using with zero setup, but it is powerful and feature rich, it also continues to be improved at a rapid pace.

    I’ll happily show you around Mixture and it’s features and I think you will be very surprised at how easy it is and how different the workflow and features are from other tools.

    If not Mixture, I hope you find a tool / workflow that works for you :)


    Krsiak Daniel

    Hi Neil,

    thanks for a thorough answer.

    I tried it before in beta. I wanted to buy it. Loved it back then.

    Now the GUI is so different, and I cannot try it because my 14 trial is expired. Kinda bummer.

    Krsiak Daniel

    Hi Neil,

    I read Mixture docs, saw your Mac/Win videos.

    I liked your app before in beta but to choose now from monthly paying / or less features (not having online services – if I needed them) and possibility of paying even more money in the future for “a major” update (what is a minor update ? :)) = does not sound so good.

    Given following that I do not need:

    • liquid templating
    • boilerplates (using sublime + nettuts fetch)
    • push/publish online service

    Prepros has live reload feature (sublime on its own as well), and I use Emmet Live Style. I can minify files, concatenate and optimize images (in one app or solo).

    Would you then still recommend me buying your app ?


    Of course I would recommend buying :-)

    …But, yeah if you are only using one feature like Sass preprocessing (for example) then yes there are lots of free alternatives including the command line.

    Mixture’s live reload / style injection requires no plugins or tags and works across pretty much all devices and browsers. We make it easy to multi-device test and we also list all connected devices and let you debug these devices easily with weinre.

    With regards the Major and Minor updates… this is very standard practice for one-time fee software. If a brand new “major” version is released in a few years we may charge an upgrade fee (majority of software you buy does this – even sublime – to continue supporting users and releasing updates / improvements costs money after all), we wanted to be clear about this which is why we added that wording.

    Email me and we can talk about your trial period: neil dot kinnish at

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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