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    Would anyone know why buttons may disappear for some clients but not others. I’m not finding a consistent pattern. When I sign in locally or through vpn they display and behave properly, but when I sign in externally via Chrome or IE 11 sometime the buttons only appear as text other disable buttons that are enabled on click. I have a laptop with ie11 Win8 and desktop with ie11 win7. The laptop displays the buttons proper behavior and the desktop does not. anyone have any ideas. Someone was working on the server recently and I’m wondering if any IIS setting may cause this problem. Thanks for help!

    Buttons original state:


    <asp:Buttonrunat=”server”Text=”Submit”ID=”btnSubmit”OnClick=”btnSubmit_Click” CssClass=”tablerowheader”Enabled=”False”/></td>

    Buttons action:

    <asp:checkbox runat=”server” id=”chkSignature” onclick=”EnableSubmitButton(this)” text=”I Agree” Font-Bold+”true” checked=”False”>


    Okay it turned out the be a CSS issue that was causing the button to lose it’s enabled=”False” state. It was being served as enabled=””.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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